Tim Vagen on Shoulder Injury Exercises

Tim Vagen on Shoulder Injury Exercises copy

I have an interview for you with Tim Vagen of Unlimited Athlete.  Tim is a very respected strength and conditioning coach from Kent, Washington.  He is big on shoulders and I was lucky enough to chat with Tim about shoulder injuries and exercise.

I hope you enjoy the interviews as much as I did.

In part 1 of the interview, Tim and I chat about:

– How he began working with injuries

– Being a strength & conditioning coach

– Training elite level swimmers

– Training volleyball players

– Working with other shoulder athletes

– Tips for the fitness professional to help their clients overcome shoulder injuries

– Why the shoulder injury determines the exercises your client gets

– Why thoracic mobility is essential for shoulder injury recovery

– Example of effective thoracic mobility exercises

Tim Vagen on Tips for the Fitness professional on Shoulder Injuries

==> CLICK HERE to watch the video with Tim Vagen on tips for the fitness professionals when working with shoulder injuries

I know the big thing I got from Tim’s interview was the important of t-spine mobility and it is something that I have incorporated into my work with shoulder injury clients.  Plus the exercises he went through were great!  You can never have enough exercises for your tool box.

Now lets head on over to part 2 of the interview.

In Part 2 or the interview, Tim and I chat about:

– Examples of thoracic mobility exercises

– Lack of thoracic mobility leads to compensation in the shoulder joint

– Lack of hip mobility will lead to compensations in the spine and shoulder

– Why to avoid barbells with shoulder press movements

– Use of kettle bells for overhead press movements and scapular stabilization exercises

– Why people that have a tight shoulder often have hypermobile shoulders

– Stretching the shoulder maybe not what is needed

Tim Vagen on Why Stretching the Shoulder Maybe Not What is Needed

==> CLICK HERE to watch the video Tim Vagen chatting about scapular stabilization exercises

The information on the lack of t-spine mobility leads to compensations in the shoulder was a big eye opener for me plus the great tip he gave on getting rid of the barbells was amazing.

I hope you enjoyed the interview with Tim Vagen.  To get more info on Tim Vagen, visit Unlimited Athlete or click here.

I know Tim will be at the NSCA Washington State Annual Fall Clinic and I will be as well.  I am so excited to be heading to the USA to do my first international presentation.  I have made it all across Canada to present but it is great to start heading south and share information on exercises and injuries.

At the NSCA Fall Clinic, I will be presenting on Running Injuries and exercise .  I hope to see you all down there and if you do come to the clinic, make sure to say, “Hi.”

Take care and we will talk to you soon.

Rick Kaselj, MS