Best Articles for 2016

Best Articles for 2016

Wow, it is almost 2017. Where did 2016 go? Today, let’s look at the best articles for 2016 from



Let’s take a moment to reflect on the year that was and read the best articles for 2016.


Best Articles on for 2016

10. #1 Yoga Pose to Banish Shoulder Pain

The active press-up strengthens the shoulder blade and shoulder muscles. It is great for those who have shoulder issues or are looking to prevent them from happening.

9. #1 Rounded Shoulders Stretch

The Rounded Shoulders Stretch is a light shoulder stretch that can be done using a wall or a door frame.

8. #1 Stretch for Forwarding Head Carriage

Standing tall, drop your head to the side and look for a light stretch on the opposite side. Your shoulders should be firm.

7. Correct Your Forward Head Posture With This Easy Exercise

This movement is called the 123 exercises in the best articles of 2016, a great quick fix for forwarding head posture. It helps to put your head and shoulders in proper alignment.

6. 2 Ways to Check Hip Flexors Tightness

Pinching in the hips during squats is a sign of hip tightness. In addition, if you have tight hip flexors, you will have limitations in the hip on how far you can go. However, not getting deep enough in your squats can also be caused by tight hip flexors. 

5. How to Keep Sore Hips and Shoulders From Ruining Your Deadlift

The deadlift is a full-body exercise that involves lifting a barbell from the ground to hip level and then lowering it back down. 

4. 3 Core Exercises to Target Your Midsection

This will engage your core and prevent you from falling to your sides. Moreover, breathe as you move the ball diagonally across your body, and exhale as you extend the ball.

3. 2 Easy Low Back Pain Stretches

This exercise helps loosen up the hips and low back, which can help with back pain. To increase the difficulty, separate your feet and rock to one side, then the other. Hold the end position for about a second. 

2. Must-do Rounded Shoulders Massage Exercise

A firm and hard ball will do this massage. Then, use a dog ball, baseball, golf ball, tennis ball, or cross ball. 

1. #1 Exercise for Ugly Forward Head Posture

Upright posture and correct head alignment are essential for healthy neck, shoulder, and back muscles. 

New Exercises To Try Out

If you are looking for new exercises to try out this 2017, check out the best articles for 2016 and the videos above to see why they were so popular this year.

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