Will Knee Injury Solution Help My ACL Injury?

This little blog keeps ticking away.

I just got this email about Knee Injury Solution.

I thought it would be helpful if I sent it to you.

I am missing the ACL in my right knee (tore it in a horse accident & never repaired).

I have full range of motion, but when I run or do too many deep knee bends (i.e. to clean or to pick up something) I get pain in that knee and have to rest it until the pain goes away (could be weeks).

Will your product help me strengthen my knee so I can avoid this?

I am female, 57 and would like to be able to run more and do more hiking on rough terrain, as well as normal chores.

Thank you.

– D

Yes, Knee Injury Solution will help you.

The components of the program that will help you are:

Component #4 – Exercises to Improve Your Walking and Decrease Pain During Walking

These exercises will help strengthen your knees and  prevent future knee injuries with quick, easy and simple exercises that you can do at home.

This will be great for helping you with hiking and as you progress, you can perform the exercise onto an unstable surface like a balance board to help you with hiking on rough terrain.

Component #1 – 9 Exercises a Day Keeps Knee Pain Away

These exercises help improve the stability in your knee in all directions and loosen up your hip so it puts less stress on your knee.

This will work great to get you back to running.  It will slowly strengthen your knee and build stability around your knee for running.

Component #1 – 10 Minutes to Strong Knees

With these group of exercises, you focus on strengthening your knees.  The exercises can be done with a little equipment or even no equipment.  I have videos of the exercises and a handout you can print out and follow the exercises.

These exercises will help strengthen the knee so bending down will be easier.

D, I hope this helps.

Have a spectacular day!

Rick Kaselj, MS

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