BEST Workouts of 2014

Man, it’s already 2015!

With 2015 here, let’s look at some of the best workouts from 2014.

Enjoy and use these to start of 2015!

Rick Kaselj


Best Workouts on Exercises For Injuries for 2015

#10 – GHB 8 Minute Workout

Jason Klein shows a great 8 minute bodyweight workout using only a chair.

#9 – How to Jazz Up The Boring Burpee

A workout that puts some Jazz into the boring burpee.

#8 – 1000 Calorie Bodyweight Workout

Kate Vidulich shares her 1000 Calorie Bodyweight workout.

#7 – 3 Exercises for Butt Pain

A workout that helps with butt pain.

#6 – 3 Moves to Replace Sprints

Mike Whitfeild shares 3 moves to replace sprinting.

#5 – Suspension Trainer Shoulder Primer Workout

A workout for shoulder primer specifically with the suspension trainer.

#4 – 3 BEST Filler Exercises

A great workout of the 3 best filler exercises.

#3 – The 7 Minute Ab Workout From Hell

Todd Kuslikis shares the 7 minute ab workout from hell.

#2 – 6 Exercises to Fire Up Your Glutes

A workout that gives you 6 exercises to fire up those glutes.

#1 – Top 5 Bodyweight Exercises You’ve never Heard Of

Scott Rawcliffe shares the top 5 bodyweight exercises you’ve never heard of.

Thank you for reading EFI and thank you to all the contributors of EFI.

2015 is going to be a great year!

Rick Kaselj